Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tomorrow is Dec. 1st.

Which means.....Christmas is just around the corner!

I feel like is was just labor day-I mean, for real.

But as a *relatively* newlywed, Mr. Gill and I have been trying to formulate what our Holiday Traditions will be.
Growing up my (Jenny) family would always do the tree and on christmas eve we'd come home from church and have a little buffet and watch silly christmas movies. We'd also get to open one present before we went to bed to hold us over until the next morning.
For Mr. Gill and I though we haven't had much time to start traditions. Our first year of being married we had a christmas tree that was filled w/teal and silver ornaments from our wedding only weeks earlier.

Our second christmas together we didn't have a tree because we packed up our little apartment to move across the country the morning after the holiday and decided that dealing w/a tree would be just too much work.

This year, we will probably put up a tree, but as we are in the process of purchasing our first home (!) we'll wait until we're all moved in. While waiting for that fun event, we have something that we've been participating in for a couple of days now that we think we'll keep as a tradition for our family-an Advent Wreath!

The wreath has been great because we get to take time right before dinner and light a candle, read the scripture for that day and remember the waiting of people for thousands of years and then we get to eat by candlelight! It's fun for us as a couple, and we've been inviting friends to join us! It makes for great conversation and who doesn't love eating around a tiny little table by candlelight with their friends!
It also kind of forces us to eat at the table together (which we don't normally do) and we really like it. We might even keep the candlelit dinners as a norm!

What are your Christmas Traditions? Are they new or have they been passed down in your family for a long time?

Happy start o' the holidays!!

*Jenny G

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This time

Two weeks from yesterday Mr. Gill and I will be married for 2 years!


Two years ago this past weekend I was attending a sweet party put on by the beautiful ladies in my house church....which now one has a baby, one is pregnant and one is moving to Morocco in just a couple of months!

One year ago from last weekend Mr. Gill and I decided to have a little date.

Look at that HAIR! Oh man, if he wasn't all professional-I'd beg him to grow it out again :)

How fun to look at what was going on in our lives this time last year.
What about you? What were you spending your time doing last year, or the year before?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On a saturday morning

Two Things

#1. I made strawberry rhubarb jam in May and today I ate the last of it on homemade bread. And I'm really sad because it may have been the best jam ever!



Jenny G

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

May or may not

We may or may not have bought a house.

What's that?


Maybe yes?!?

.....oh goodness, yes we've bought a house!