Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little tease

Mr. Gill, Lindsay and I made it back from Portland just fine.
I just want to show you a few un-edited pictures I took while I was trying to figure out (still trying) my new camera.

These are of Bosley right before we left for PDX.
It was the first time I used the camera and it was a nice sunny day so Boz and I had a little photo shoot in our backyard :)

This is of Mr. Gill and I posing in front of a shop on Hawthorne in Portland called Vintage Pink.
He has since cut off all his beautiful curls.

The camera I got is a Nikon CoolPix (yea, that's the name-for real) L120. I snagged it at Costco on the cheap....I am that girl....and I still haven't read the manual because it's a CD-ROM or...whatever you call it now-a-days. That's no fun. I want to take pics and look at the manual not sit at my computer....because Mr. Nikon CD-ROM guy-when I'm at the computer I'm either reading blogs and pinning things from them OR searching pinterest for blogs to pin things from.
Thank you.

I'll post more pictures later.....for real....I took LOTS while in Oregon and I'll put them up, these are just teasers!


Jenny G

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hello Friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. My parents were in town, which was awesome, and our church joined with 4 other area churches to have a big party on easter morning...and that was just incredible, watching all these people work together to put on a huge celebration.

Now Mr. Gill and I are spending this week visiting Portland with our friend Lindsay! she and her mom have been super gracious hosts to us.
She grew up in the area and has been planning lots of fun things for us to do and see.
We've only been here two days and we've already spent 6 (!) hours at Ikea, seen Blue Like Jazz the movie IN Portland, and has drinks at a sassy little wine bar!

Mr. Gill is taking some fancy engineering class......something about modeling.....and probably computers? I don't know you'll have to ask him, but he LOVES it. He actually sent me a text yesterday telling me how awesome his class was while he was in the first session.
And so our trip, at least for Mr. Gill is not a vacation's more of a work-cation. Not really fully working, but definitely not just a vacation either.
For me though, I'm trying to take in as much of the Portland experience as I can. Do you have any suggestions on things we should do/see?

So I'm going to sign off this post in the spirit of Lindsay Horst.

Two things
1. I got a new camera and once we're back from oregon I'll post some fun photos.
2. I miss Bosley!

*Jenny G