Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Dump!

So it's been several months since I've posted. Um, 3 months to be exact. And, I'd say I'm sorry but-ya know....we're just living life. Here is a just a quick photo run-down of what's been happening the last 3 months.

In late Janurary we found out we're having a boy!

Our lemon tree produced several big lemons-and I made Lemon Bars!

The recipe is on my Pinterest page-OHMIGOODNESS! SO GOOD!

Bosley got a cut on his little paw and then had to wear the cone of shame until it healed....since he spent all day licking the cut and making it worse....poor puppy. Except his bumbling around w/the cone was SO funny. I mean, SO funny. hehe

This is some fabric I picked out for baby. How stinkin' cute is that? I haven't actually MADE anything with it but, its going to be something beautiful.

This photo is from the very end of March. I was only 27 weeks-but guess what? I was measuring more like I was 33 weeks. He's going to be a BIG baby.

My parents bought us a BEAUTIFUL crib that I adore. Bosley has been practicing protectively watching over the crib like a big brother should.
Actually he just wanted to be w/Michael as he was putting it together which meant he was practically in the crib as it was being assembled.

And last but not least the Michael Gill and Friends Band had a show just last week! It was super fun and they are going to start recording!

That's a mini-glimpse into what's been going on w/the Gills.
Have a good Wednesday friends!