Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just a bit of what I've learned in the first 5 months with baby Z

Hey Friend!
It's been 4 months ish since I last posted.
Things have been busy but beautiful.

Zephaniah is such a wonderful addition and blessing to our family.

Zeph and Daddy at the Pumpkin Patch

Its been so fun to watch him grow and change.
And to see how we are changing because of him! Michael and I have totally different priorities now that Zeph is here, but we love our lives and couldn't go back.
Zephaniah is so much fun. He'll be 6 months old on December 28th, while we are in Michigan celebrating my sister and her fiance's wedding!
He's starting laughing and smiling, and really noticing the people (and dogs) around him. He LOVES Bosley and thinks that when the dog whines its the funniest thing ever!

Zephaniah has started to sit up on his own and is really into playing with his toys....and by playing either eating them OR banging them against the table or floor to make loud noises. 
Its so crazy though because even 12 weeks ago he was just starting to smile and now he's so entertaining and into talking to people. He loves Facetime with my family, and likes to 'talk' to them and show off his new skills.
He recognizes voices from the phone too. 
1 week old Zeph with Mom and Grandma 
Most parents already know this but it truly is amazing how fast things change. 
I'm so thankful that we have the means and technology to easily capture these wonderful stages he's been going through because it seems like a blink and he's learned something new.
So happy with our cloth diaper and handmade booties!

We're cloth diapering, but usually only at home. It has been going well. I really love our FuzziBunz and the routine of washing and what not is pretty easy, especially since I only work one or two days a week. We have a HE washer so it took a little trial and error to get the right system down for us. If you have questions at all about that let me know in the comments and I can answer you there!
They are so soft and his fluffy bum is so stinkin' cute with those colorful diapers!
I would totally recommend for a mom to try cloth.
This is Zeph's 'really Mom?' face
I feel like recently we've really been getting into a good rhythm with being parents. Don't get me wrong, sometimes that boy cries and we have NO IDEA why and have to just try to calm him down.
Those times are getting less frequent because we've reached the place where we see what he likes, when he's getting tired, how to talk to and soothe him, how to make him laugh or distract him....and because Zeph is a little older and probably a little more used to being out in this big world. 
He's started taking longer, more restful naps....thank God! And really I think it was my not reading his cues properly that took us so long to get to this place where he's sleeping well. 
Now though he gets sleep-I can usually shower during the day (hurray!) and work on some other projects!
Its really so much fun to get to know this little guy.

Here's just a little list of the things we've learned over the that 5 1/2 months.

*when the baby is a newborn, sleep when he sleeps. For real-your house will be messy but baby doesn't care. Sleep!
You'll be happier and have more patience with that sweet hysterically crying baby when you've had an hour nap!

*Freeze up some meals-more than you think. Even after you've recovered from birth, having a quick meal is great for days when the baby has been a hot mess and is having an epic meltdown....right at dinner the first 3 months of sweet baby Z's life
*Swings are life savers. At least for us it was. Babies love to rock and sway, and a swing can keep going for hours after your arms would give out. Craigslist has them for 1/2 off! Get the cradle swing that is soft and you can wash the lining!

*Use that smart phone to your advantage. Track feedings w/apps, take photos and make movies of your little bundle of joy....even when all they do is lay there and stare at their own hand. Because in just a couple of weeks it will be so hard to remember those days where all they did was lay and look at their own hand. Plus grandparents love that stuff. Create a YouTube channel and load that puppy up!

*Baby-wearing is awesome! There are a ton of places that list all the benefits of babywearing.
We were fortunate enough to have my cousin gift us a Moby wrap and we used gift cards to purchase an Ergo! So great for handsfree baby-soothing. If Zeph was having a rough time I'd throw him on and walk around in circles around the house if I couldn't leave-taking big exaggerated steps (think lunges) and all the swaying would put him to sleep. The dog though was a little confused and followed us we had a parade of three going on for a while! 

*People have opinions about every aspect of baby raising, from diapers to sleep training, to clothing....seriously like almost everything. But, these opinions are always super strong and it's not "oh we disagree, ok" its more like "we disagree and if you don't change your mind you will damage your baby for life!" 
Its craziness. Ask the opinions of people you respect and that won't be haters if you don't take it. 
And find a pediatrician you can ask questions and get honest responses. I asked my Dr. about vaccines and she sent me home w/her copy of a book to read to make an informed choice. I respect that.

Newborn baby love
I make no promises of posting on a regular basis, but I'd like to so keep an eye open for some more updates!