Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Sickness

Our Car is sick.
photo credit

She has been very gassy lately......

and slow to start.

Some may say it's old age, but I'm not convinced.

Chloe is at the car mechanic's office today, being inspected and trying to figure out what is wrong.

On the other hand, it's SUNNY OUT and I had blueberry almond oatmeal for breakfast w/our wonderful french pressed coffee.'s a good day!

Have a happy Wednesday :)

Jenny G

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Things


Here I am again, neglecting you.

I'm sorry.

Jenny Gill has been working!!!

(saving case you didn't know)

But....just a quick note to let you know of two things.

#1 Mr. Gill gave an awesome performance at The District Coffeehouse last Friday. He performed most of his original songs including BOTH of the songs he's written for me (Mrs. case you didn't know).  So many people came they had to get more chairs out of "storage" which is actually one of the dudes who volunteer's apartment next door;) But, there were a lot of people there.....woot!

Here are some photos of the event

Walking in to set up

Rockin out

The Crowd
#2 We had a tragedy at the Gill house last week. I got home from work on Monday and our French Press from IKEA had decided to spontaneously combust!

Or.....just break.

But still-it was not very nice because I really REALLY like coffee in the morning. 

almost I depend on my coffee in the morning. 

It may be my #3 reason to wake up....just sayin'
I did though visit my favorite people at my favorite coffee shop in Boise though to get my cuban americano! 
photo credit
anyway-we ordered and received this! 

It's not teal-but it is STILL beautiful and *hopefully* break-proof.

Mr. Gill and I have only kept a press for about a year and then something awful spontaneous combustion. 

OR the press tries to cut Mr. Gill in the sink. 

We're hopeful that polyurethane binding will keep this press in check. 

Anyway-Much love to you all this Easter weekend!

Jenny G

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My First Time

It has been a while my friends.
I've been, well-doing other things.

But now I'm back, and I have several exciting things to share with you.

Mr. Gill and I took a trip last weekend into the Idaho wilderness! 

Or we just drove up to Stanley......but it was WONDERFUL and I saw a lot of wilderness outside of our car windows.
The sun setting behind the Sawtooth Mountains

This is where we stayed and it was fabulous. So, if you are in Idaho and need a neat place to hide away for a day or two, this super cute hotel would be the place.

The greeter at the hotel
Our road trip to Stanley is also the event I've decided to use as my first iMovie experiment!
So, after a couple of days playing around w/my you go, wise and discerning audience.

Remember that it is my first time making a movie before you make me cry.

I hope you enjoy our movie and tell me what you think :)

Jenny G