Saturday, April 9, 2011

My First Time

It has been a while my friends.
I've been, well-doing other things.

But now I'm back, and I have several exciting things to share with you.

Mr. Gill and I took a trip last weekend into the Idaho wilderness! 

Or we just drove up to Stanley......but it was WONDERFUL and I saw a lot of wilderness outside of our car windows.
The sun setting behind the Sawtooth Mountains

This is where we stayed and it was fabulous. So, if you are in Idaho and need a neat place to hide away for a day or two, this super cute hotel would be the place.

The greeter at the hotel
Our road trip to Stanley is also the event I've decided to use as my first iMovie experiment!
So, after a couple of days playing around w/my you go, wise and discerning audience.

Remember that it is my first time making a movie before you make me cry.

I hope you enjoy our movie and tell me what you think :)

Jenny G


  1. Very nice Jenny! My favorite part was the zombie education!!

  2. Nice job, Jenny. You had some nice effects - a very interesting movie.

  3. Awwww.... I'm so glad you got to go up there. That's one of my favorite places here. And isn't Twin gorgeous?!!!

  4. Just saw your movie for the first time... I must have missed it somewhere along the line. You did a great job with it! Idaho reminds me ALOT of South Dakota, you've gone back to your roots kinda sorta :) Miss you-Mom