Sunday, July 31, 2011

Try It

Happy Last Day of July!

Wait....last day of July?


How fast did that happen?

That means we've been in Boise of 7 months! Which then means I should probably write a blog post about how our 7 months of living out west has next time.

Today I want to tell you all about how I'm kind of super obsessed with a couple of Podcasts/websites/my long lost friends.

Ok-so......there have been others I've talked about before, others that I will always love like

This American Life w/Ira Glass

The Pioneer Woman

Deb of Smitten Kitchen

But, friends!!! Wait, this crazy world-wide-web of ours has so much to OFFER when it comes to interesting people talking about fun things!

What is my newest love you ask? Oh, I'm glad you asked because I've been waiting to tell you!

Joy the Baker! She has a food blog (yuM!) but I am enthralled with her podcast that she does w/her friend Tracy of Shutterbean (another AWESOME blog).  When I listen to them I feel like I'm listening to a conversation I would have with my best friend and my sister. They are hilarious AND informative and interesting.
When I first heard one....and then kind of how you have one piece of pie and then 10 minutes later you've eaten  the whole thing (what? you don't do that!?!?) I spent like 6 hours listening to everything they had!!
I laughed so hard AND cleaned our apartment while I was at it!

Mr. Gill even heard 1/2 an episode and enjoyed it!


I highly suggest you get over to and look @ Joy and Tracy's stuff, and browse while you're at it. If you have OR are about to have some babies maybe check out the simple mom podcast/blog (I don't have or will have babies in the near future....but I like it because it talks about cleaning and organizing and other fun housewifery things).

You are welcome.

*Jenny G

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Clothes

Hello Friends!
We have a new design around here....or really, I just made a header and changed some stuff up just a bit.

I am not so tech-savvy, but I was VERY jealous of all my friends that have pictures up as their headers!
I am not only jealous but also embarrassed at my lack of computer knowledge so I spent HOURS....yes HOURS figuring out how to make this picture thing work.

I know enough about Photoshop to tweak photos and add know-it's done...easy peasy.
But actually USING the picture as a header, a much different story.
I've only ever used this format as way to blog, so trying to change it was, um.....less than easy.
I couldn't figure out how to change my header without having to making things invisible and then I said-why not just totally change it up!

So here we are, let me know if you like it. Notice....I did keep the polka dots! Who doesn't love polka dots?!?!?

A nice way to waste time on my friday afternoon!


Jenny G*

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Perks

Mr. Gill is a musician.
He plays the guitar, drums, piano...spoons....pretty much anything that can become an instrument really.
He also really likes to write his own songs.....and then sing them.
Which, I guess makes him a singer/songwriter.

At the park
This is a photo of Mr. Gill writing a song @ the park down the street from our house.
The songs he's been writing almost all have some deep profound truth in them....which suits the seriousness that is Mr. Gill.
Not that he's not fun but I'd be surprised if he ever wrote a song about sunshine and butterflies.

If I were to write a song, it would be about the feeling you get in your toes when you've been sitting with your legs crossed for too long.
It just feels so funny!

Or perhaps about cupcakes......but only the pretty ones.

I feel like songwriting is a great outlet for Mr. Gill though.....he's not a huge conversationalist...although speaks passionately about things he cares about, he's not much for chit-chat.....but he lives with me so he's used to it by now. With his songs he gets to tell a story or even process through some of the things he's been learning/thinking about....I bake, he sings.
It's interesting....he started writing last fall and since we've come to Boise he's not only written many songs, he's also been performing them.
He's has played @ The District a couple of times.....but his favorite place to play/practice or even write new songs is out in the street.
He likes the park but, on the street corner is where he likes to go. He gets feedback from people walking by and last time he made $5 (going toward our italy fund), two suckers and a Otter Pop (otherwise known as Fav-or-ice back east)!

Also, he gets to make new friends and even have people play along with him.....which is probably the best perk of all!
Mr. Gill's personal drummer

*Jenny G

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Fun

So today I'm going to share some fun photos I've taken since we've been in Boise.

This is a picture of Mr. Gill and our friend Leaman. We invited him over to do yard work...aren't we nice? You can barely see Le floating in the top of the hedge.
Yard Work 
This is one of our favorite places here in Boise....we discovered Tree City smoothies during Lent when we didn't count smoothies as food.....hahaha.

One of our favorite places
 I saw this little guard poodle while walking into the Library!

Yes, he's growling
Tumbleweeds do exist in Boise! This one attacked our car one stormy day.

Hope you enjoyed my little collage of random pictures here in Boise! :)
Have a great tuesday. 

Jenny G

Friday, July 8, 2011

One or the other

The last several months I've been going back and forth in my head.

You see.....Mr. Gill and I are considering purchasing a house.

****I KNOW*****

in Idaho.

****I KNOW*****

Here's the thing though.

It's mostly Mr. Gill who wants to buy a house.
He says things like, its a great time to buy, we won't have to share walls w/smoky smelly neighbors, we can play (meaning really HE can play) music as loud as we want without disturbing "quiet hours"....not to mention we can do whatever we want to the place we buy.

And those are all really good reasons to buy a house.

But I want to go to Italy.

Or at least, next year.

And I feel like we can't do both of those things.
Either we buy a house.


Or we visit the Tuscan countryside.
Laura L's photo!!

We get ready for those babies that are chasing me into my 30's and get a home for them to grow up in....(eek!)

Or we have our 'last hurrah', an epic Italian adventure down those cobblestone streets before those babies catch me.
Laura L's photo!

I just want to make sure I get to Italy before I have kids because who knows if we'll ever make it after that.  I feel like I have to choose one or the other because the two are not compatible....right?
Unless of course you'd like to help us raise extra $ for our trip/house!
If I have to choose though.....
I want to see Italy more than I want babies.
Right now anyway.
Ask me again tomorrow and see if I've changed my mind!
What would you do?