Sunday, July 31, 2011

Try It

Happy Last Day of July!

Wait....last day of July?


How fast did that happen?

That means we've been in Boise of 7 months! Which then means I should probably write a blog post about how our 7 months of living out west has next time.

Today I want to tell you all about how I'm kind of super obsessed with a couple of Podcasts/websites/my long lost friends.

Ok-so......there have been others I've talked about before, others that I will always love like

This American Life w/Ira Glass

The Pioneer Woman

Deb of Smitten Kitchen

But, friends!!! Wait, this crazy world-wide-web of ours has so much to OFFER when it comes to interesting people talking about fun things!

What is my newest love you ask? Oh, I'm glad you asked because I've been waiting to tell you!

Joy the Baker! She has a food blog (yuM!) but I am enthralled with her podcast that she does w/her friend Tracy of Shutterbean (another AWESOME blog).  When I listen to them I feel like I'm listening to a conversation I would have with my best friend and my sister. They are hilarious AND informative and interesting.
When I first heard one....and then kind of how you have one piece of pie and then 10 minutes later you've eaten  the whole thing (what? you don't do that!?!?) I spent like 6 hours listening to everything they had!!
I laughed so hard AND cleaned our apartment while I was at it!

Mr. Gill even heard 1/2 an episode and enjoyed it!


I highly suggest you get over to and look @ Joy and Tracy's stuff, and browse while you're at it. If you have OR are about to have some babies maybe check out the simple mom podcast/blog (I don't have or will have babies in the near future....but I like it because it talks about cleaning and organizing and other fun housewifery things).

You are welcome.

*Jenny G

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