Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our First Post

Mike: So, this is our first post.
Jen: And we're super psyched but, a little not sure what to do. Mmm...but we think we'll get the hang of it soon.
Mike: Really-we just want to get started
Jen: Melting your face off w/our awesomeness
Mike: Or telling you a little bit about our lives and the things we're excited about.
Jen: Yea, or that too.
Mike: So, come back and check out the things we've been reading and listening to-We want to share w/you guys what has been impacting us.
Jen: Plus, there will be fun pictures :)
Mike: You always have to have the last word don't you?
Jen: Yup!


  1. Uber Dorks, love it!! Will those fish get fat if I keep feeding them all day??

  2. You guys are so stinkin' cute!

  3. Love your sharkey goldfish picture. Do you have a name for him/her?

  4. I can't wait to read about your adventures!