Thursday, October 14, 2010


The aliens have called him to the mother ship
So one beautiful fall morning Mr. Gill and I took a little visit to the 100 Acres. It's a new outside art/park area from the IMA. I had been stressing out about life because, well-because sometimes I don't trust that God is good and He's got our backs. Which, by the way-He's ALWAYS had our backs.....I could tell you like a million different ways just last week He's been amazing and provider. I just forget sometimes. 
Anyway-I had been stressing out and so we took the morning off and slept in, got coffee and the most amazing pumpkiny iced thing ever! 
So we wandered through the museum/park and enjoyed the sunshine.

Standing on the knee cap and pointing at my knee cap....get it?
It was nice to connect outside too. I think Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. All the going back to school (I LOVED SCHOOL), and new friends, new adventures, football games and bonfires and chili....and leaves. It is like the trees decide its time to put on the last show. 
He's being EATEN!!
So one last thing before I get to cleaning my jewelry (I'm a dork and using my night off to watch tv on the computer and clean my jewelry and jewelry box that hasn't been cleaned in like....3 years. Don't judge). 
He will blow your mind. I promise! Ok, well-I guess I don't really know what will blow your mind-maybe your skull is a little  bit thicker than mine BUT this is amazing. 

oh and this one too :)


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