Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Honor of Thanksgiving

So, in honor of thanksgiving I'd like to share a story of traditional thanksgiving food.

I kind of love the little sugar pumpkins-they are so cute and little and full of squashy goodness ready for harvest. I bought two of these lovelies and decided after a couple of days to set them on our stoop the day before Halloween thinking they'd make us look festive and hopefully get some children to come and ask for the candy we'd purchased to give them.....yea-well, they were cute pumpkins but we had a big bowl full of candy and only 1 family of trick-or-treaters come to our door.
But anyway, as I was setting out our  pumpkins-Michael objected saying, something is going to eat them! Eat Them?!? No-wild things do not just come up and eat pumpkins! Plus, we live in the middle of the city-what on earth would munch on a raw pumpkin....a cat? That never happens-look at all our neighbors and their cute pumpkins on their steps-we'll be fine.
And we set them up on the stoop.

And then, a few days later......

Moral of the story?

Michael is always right.

and the chipmunk that lives under the house is on his side.

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