Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Days and Counting

Hello Blog friends! Its been a while. 
We're here in the home stretch of baby-making. My due date is this coming Saturday!!! The means baby Gill could come tomorrow.....or, he could come on the 4th of July. Here's hoping he comes a little bit before Independence Day. 
37 weeks
Today also marks the second week I've been home from work. I think the wonderful women I work with could tell that my swollen ankles and painful wrists needed an early break so they let me start my 'maternity leave' early. And can I tell you how WONDERFUL it is to not be working right now? 
I am just not sure how women work up until the day they deliver. I wasn't getting anything done in preparation for baby when I was working-I'd come home so tired, and our evenings tend to be a little bit sleep was always the priority. 

Anyway while I was working all the time-Bosley started to have a hard time. I think a large part of the problem was the fact we were gone all day and so tired at night he didn't get much exercise OR attention....and then there was the issue of all these new things coming into our home, that from his little puppy eyes-looked like they should be toys for him.
So, he took it upon himself to "play" with these new toys one afternoon while I was at work.

Bosley the Destroyer of worlds

Yea-that is a picture of the destruction. In case you can't tell what's shredded there its a WHOLE package of disposable diapers, an outfit including shoes, linky toys, a blanket and a stuffed animal.
This wasn't the first time either although it was the largest massacre of baby stuff.
I came home from work tired, swollen and hungry. I waddled into the living room to see the Boz, sitting there amongst the carnage, wagging his tail all ready to play.
I just started crying.....called Mr. Gill and told him I think we might have to give Bosley up because his hunger for diapers has become too much for me to handle.
I'm pretty sure Mr. Gill rolled his eyes and thought to himself-seriously? But he could tell I was very upset because of the angry/crying/yelling at the dog on the other end of the phone and tried to logically talk to me about how Boz behaves when people are actually around, which is slightly sneaky-but not malicious or even really very naughty.
Which was needed because I wasn't being fair to the dog and I may have been a *little* hormonal.
These last few weeks have been MUCH better with Boz though.

Happy Dog
We've been spending our mornings outside in the backyard, and taking lots of walks around the neighborhood. 
We've also been hanging out at a local park that has foothills and a pond, so Bosley can swim and I can climb up and down flights of stairs (rumor has it that helps the baby move into the right position for labor). He's been happier, and so have I. 
We aren't scared of how he'll react to the baby, although we are for sure anticipating a little bit of jealousy.....maybe a couple more chewings of baby things. 
But like my mom mentioned to me after that last massacre.....its only a matter of time before Bosley and baby Gill are a team; tearing up all my stuff. ;)
So here we are just waiting. I'll try to keep taking pictures of how things go and maybe even post pictures of the nursery before the baby comes!

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  1. Jenny you can do it!! Michael will help you along the way and Fozzy might slow you down a bit, but I think you will kick ass as a mom! It's totally worth having a little Zeph around once the two of you get into the swing of things