Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jenny discovers thermal camera option
I seriously JUST discovered that my home computer can take THERMAL IMAGES!
I know, I apparently don't really spend much time researching before I buy but WHOA-look at the table. Yup people: That's a candle. You can tell it's burning because of the ORANGE part of the picture. I feel like I'm in some police investigation show-CSI Indy anyone? That's more of a task for my brother-in-law who by the way, is going to be a police officer.
Michael and I went to Boise ID in August to check it out since we'll be moving there in WHOA-almost 3 months!

The Gills on Bogus Basin

We went hiking, spent time with family and had an overall awesome experience. Mr. Gill was able to make some contacts for job prospects and I pretty much fell in love with the neighborhood we're going to live in. Some of our group has already moved out there and we're ready to go. 
I miss those sunglasses. I lost them when we were floating down the Boise River (yes, it was awesome)....Mr. Gill told me to take them off but I laughed and said-oh it's fine I won't lose them and if I do, they are only a couple of bucks. Psha! Little did I know that YES indeed I would lose them....Mr. Gill is always right....AND even though they were only a couple of dollars-they were perfect. Nice weight, not to heavy but they didn't feel like they were going to fly away and the perfect amount of shadiness. Also-I tend to be a little dramatic about things but really-my replacement pair is just not as nice. 
Mr. Gill's luscious curls
I love this hair. 

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  1. JENNY!! I am blog stalking you! How fun to read up on your lives. The picture of you guys on Bogus Basin caught my eye since some of my favorite growing-up memories took place on that very mountain. Like telling a boy I had a crush on that I skiied Black Diamond runs "all the time" and then having to literally scoot down the mountain on my backside because guess what? I was a terrible skier. :) Where in Boise are you guys going to live? I'm going to guess North End/Hyde Park - it would suit you. Excited for your new adventure!