Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New York!

Kestelle in Central Park
So I went to NYC not too long ago and seriously-it was awesome. 
Really-it was AWESOME!
This is Kestelle, my good friend of many years that invited me to New York with her. She has been to NYC several times so she kind of showed me the ropes.
We went to SoHo and bought jewelry from vendors on the side walk, went into flagship stores of some of the high end clothing designers and almost had heart attacks at how much a cardigan could cost.

We also ran into some yarn bombing in Little Italy! I love it! I think if I have lots of free time in Boise this will become my new hobby. Jenny-the one that knits.
Street sign wears a sweater
Seriously though-this is cool, people take the normal everyday and make it into art and beauty w/textile knits and dollies. Fabric for goodness sake is now becoming a subversive statement of bucking the authority. Ok-so, maybe I wouldn't go that far....but maybe the tree outside my work looks cold in the winter and I could give it a cozy little tree warmer-it would be its very own little sweater.
Notice the little bee? ADORABLE! In the middle of NYC just hanging out-a guy on a street was asking me why I was taking pictures of a street sign, like he didn't even notice it was wearing a sweater!

We also spent time shopping and going to see the Brooklyn Bridge (wonderful) and going to an old statuesque cathedral in the middle of the city. It was during mass and completely overwhelmingly large and old and you just felt like you had walked into a mix of history and the urgency of today.
Saying a Prayer 

And the Empire State Building-which was great and amazing views but I learned a new appreciation of waiting in line-which is....if I am not waiting in line for TWO HOURS, then it's cool. Yes-that is right people-I spent TWO HOURS of my 48 in NYC waiting in line for the Empire State Building. But-it was at sunset. The pictures are worth it!

The sunset over NYC

So, it was a great trip. I never want to live in New York. Maybe it's now that I've been to Boise and know that I'm going to be living there for a season at least-that God is changing my heart more towards a calm vs. chaotic place to dwell? I don't know, but as my heart grows more toward Him the more it changes-this is truth.

Love ya,

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