Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last Day

Today is the last day of May!

And.....I haven't posted since the first week of May.

Here is a quick recap of some things in May!

Mr. Gill took me to Salt Lake City for my Birthday!!
It was a surprise trip and we stayed at a fun hotel and walked around downtown.
Us in Downtown Salt Lake

Salt Lake really seemed like a nice city. People were friendly and we saw some of the remnants of the Olympics.

We also saw some the the seedy underbelly of Salt Lake.

The seedy underbelly of Salt Lake (or just an alley)

Everyone we asked about what to go see said we had to visit The Great Salt Lake.
Which, I think is kind of funny because if they had just said the Salt Lake, I'm pretty sure I would have known what they were talking about but no.....we talked to like 5 people and all of them said The Great Salt Lake.

Anyway....we drove out to Antelope Island on our way back to Idaho. It was super windy, and a little smelly....but they give you this pamphlet of information about The Great Salt Lake when you get there so that was interesting.
Did you know that there are 4 rivers that feed into the lake but no outlet? All the water is evaporated and leaves the sediments behind. They said that the salt content is ranges anywhere between 4-20%. The ocean is at a steady 3%.
Didn't think you'd ever learn something reading this blog did ya?

We also saw bison/buffalo on the island. They along w/birds and creepy bugs are about the only things that live in/around the lake.

Bison being chased by Mr. Gill in our little Saturn Ion!

They were big and kind of slow moving-but I hear they can be vicious, so I was a little nervous to chase them around in our car....but Mr. Gill lives for the thrill of adventure and so...we chased them.

All in All, it was a great weekend away.

Don't eat me, it's my birthday!
*Jenny G


  1. I'm glad you had a great time! We stopped in SLC last summer to visit my niece and her hubby. You are right - the people are very friendly! The Great Salt Lake was yucky! I couldn't believe there were people actually swimming in it when we were there!!

  2. I see what you did there with the bit about the seedy underbelly...very entertaining! And that is why you are listed under friends AND humor on my blogroll! :) haha


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