Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indiana we love you

Mr. Gill and I are in Columbus IN today visiting our family. We've had a really great time visiting all of our family and friends.
A couple of highlights include:
1. Spooky Memorial! My family has a golf outing every fall and it's like a mini family reunion for the Lentes side, I'm really glad Mr. Gill and I were able to see so much of our family while we were here.
2. The covered bridge festival.....which was like a big flea market (I got a CUTE big green purse on the cheap). I got to encourage the aggressive driver that's been hiding in my mom as we were trying to get out of the parking lot and then We got stuck in traffic for 2 hours....and the house was only 20 miles away.....but it was quality car time.
3. We've spent SO much time visiting with old friends! It was so great to hear how everyone is doing and to talk about how God is shaking things up for us in Boise.
4. Seeing all the baby mommas and new babies! There is something in the seems like everyone we know in Indiana has or is getting ready to have a baby!
5. Karaoke with Mom and Pop Gill and Ronald! Mr. Gill and Ron each sang a song on their own and the they did If I had a million dollars by the bare naked ladies....Mr. Gill sang the higher part (but not a real green dress that's cruel) and it was AWESOME!

We still have a couple more days here in the Midwest, and I'm sure we'll have more fun stories to share.

In other news....I'm posting from our new iPad, which I don't think I really know how to use very well at all. It's all this app stuff, I can't really figure it out....but maybe someday soon I'll at least figure out how to move pictures off the iPad onto the blog or, unfortunately no pictures today......which would have been of Mr. Gill playing video games since thats how he's spent 80 percent of his time here at the Gill house ;)

Anyway, pictures to come in the next post when I'm back at a device I know how to use!

Jenny G

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  1. At first I was jealous that Chrissy and I missed out on getting to see your glowing faces. Now I'm also jealous that you have an iPad and I don't!