Friday, October 28, 2011


Mr. Gill and I flew from Indiana to Idaho a couple of days ago.
On our way to Indiana AND on our way back to Idaho there were a couple of flights where it was too full for us to sit together....which was a bummer.
I thought about telling people that Mr. Gill and I are newlyweds-and wouldn't they scoot over so the newlyweds could sit together? Brilliant I thought, and I told Mr. Gill that I was going to say this next time we were going to be forced to sit apart to spare myself the sitting next to a stranger so I'm afraid to fall asleep for fear of drooling-ness.....and he told me that we were no longer newlyweds!


Of course we are....we haven't even been married 2 years....and then we started discussing the finer details of what constitutes newlywedness.....which I'm still not sure we totally agree, although he's now convinced that we are indeed still in the newlywed phase.

So after having Mr. Gill agree with me we had a happier flight!

Some of the flight happiness may be due to the fact we got to sit together and that my new purse and the sweater for the iPad (my first try at cabling) got to have the window seat!

I want to know what you guys think though, when does newlywed-Dom end? With kids? But some people have babies before they're married.....
Is it a time frame thing or a certain shift in behavior? Cause all I know is I want to spend all my time with Mr. Gill....and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
Let's have a poll.....when/how does the newlywed phase end?

Looking forward to your answers!

Jenny G

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