Wednesday, January 18, 2012

B is for Baby

This past Saturday Mr. Gill and I went to a baby shower.
It was for a couple that attends The Collective with us, who recently moved here from Michigan.
They are just the sweetest couple and we were super excited to share in the anticipation of the arrival of their baby.
I was asked to make cupcakes for the party, and I was really pumped to do so because I had to make a bunch AND I haven't really been baking much since I stopped baking for The District.
They have decided to not know the gender of their child before they deliver, so I went with a yellow and green color pallet.
I was googling for recipe ideas and came across this blog where I didn't really find a recipe BUT I found a great idea for the look of the cupcakes!

Instagram by Mr. Biggerstaff

Although this looks like I was going for Packers colors....I was not. I just purchased the food coloring paste and apparently it is MUCH more powerful than those traditional drops.
They were lemon cupcakes with a lovely light frosting, although the green coloring didn't really get completely whipped together so it kinda looks like AstroTurf BUT it tasted great!

I made flags that said J is for Jackson and B is for Baby.
It was such a nice party and a great excuse to bake! :)

*Jenny G

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  1. They turned out really nice! I like the banners :) Yea cake decorating coloring is VERY strong, which is great when you need vivid colors! Love and miss you ~ Mom