Wednesday, January 4, 2012

in the year 2000.........and 12


So....we bought a house

and we moved in

and I lost my CAMERA!?!?!

I know-it's terrible.

How can I be a blogger w/out a camera?

I kind of feel like I'm going to be disappointing you all w/all my ramblings with out some sort of fun photo.
I'm sorry. You will leave this blog wishing for lovely images so you'd know what I was talking about but-oh well.

We LOVE our house. It's old, and the floors creak and its just great.

Here are some photos I took before we moved and I lost my to love the paneling :)
but also notice my coat in the mirror-it's like a dress....i LOVE it!

Some fun cubbies in the bedroom!

We took care of the paneling by painting it a lovely sunshine yellow! Its so great.

We also painted the dining room and kitchen a nice light blue/gray that looks awesome.
Yes-I've bought into the yellow and gray fad but-whateva->it looks great!

So-we've done some other fun things like-move all our stuff in and paint one room emerald green(!)
In other news-WELCOME TO 2012!
Who's ready to make it a great year?!?!

That would be me.

I'm ready to make it a great year.

Mr. Gill and I have been in Boise over a year now, and we're really excited to establish some rhythms in our life....besides eating and sleeping....we have those rhythms down!
We have high hopes for snow* in Boise, for getting to know our neighbors, to start you know-saving the world one little chicken at a time.
Did I mention I might want to start raising chickens now that we have a real yard?
OH MAN! I think it would be great!! Fresh eggs-all these little hens for me to run around the yard with? Doesn't the idea just make you want to jump up and down and yell YAY!?!?!

Ok-maybe that's just me.

So-one of my rhythms will be trying to talk Mr. Gill into letting me raise chickens so I can slowly turn into a homesteader.

I am actively planning our garden. What do you want me to grow? I'm thinking rutabagas. Corn because we miss Indiana...

Mr. Gill got us Lindy Hop lessons here in Boise for Christmas-We're hoping this turns into a regular thing for us-to be out dancing. It is part of how we met and our story in Indy and we loved it....and we think we'll get to meet awesome people here in the city not to mention a good workout and it's way fun.

What are some of the things you want to make a habit out of in 2012?
Taking out the trash regularly? That's a good one, I'd suggest that to anyone really.
Making your own yogurt? That's kinda fun-use a crockpot.

*Jenny G

*Boise has NO SNOW/No SNOW on the mountain either and Mr. Gill went and bought a snowboard he can't use.....because there is NO SNOW*

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  1. The house looks cute, Jenny! You really need to make a resolution this year to find your camera though! ;) haha