Thursday, March 22, 2012

Risky Business

So I had this conversation with a friend recently who is thinking about moving to a different state.
She said she feels like it would be a great community for her, she knows people there and she really feels like it would be a good move....but....
But what?
Why not just pick up and move?

It is complicated.....always, but fear is totally part ot it.

And I totally get it. I'm right there.
A good friend asked me a couple of weeks ago what I wanted to do if I could do anything.
I had no answer. I mean-there are things I like to do.....but I don't dream of becoming a senator or owning a bakery (you get up too early), or of being a missionary.
I am afraid to even try new see explore what I like to do or not because of fear of failure.
Failure is a big deal to people who want to make sure everyone likes people who find their identity in making others happy.....

God revealed something new to me a couple days ago. You know that verse where is says that God works all things to good of those who love him? And then the one that says what Satan meant for evil God meant for good?
Those two hit me in a huge way last week. In my fear of failure in trying something new (plug in for your fear) I wasn't trusting God. I don't think that I need to hear an audible voice from God to say-Hey Jenny....I think it would be nice if you tried to paint. Pick up a brush.
Or, even a specific call to move somewhere new. If I trust that God can work even my 'messes', my 'failures' out for good......then, is it even a failure?
I should feel empowered to take risks. Because in taking a risk I'm opening up space for God to move! If I'm just standing still I have no momentum for God to push me in any direction right?

So I don't know if trying my hand at painting is going to reveal a new passion for me......but maybe it will. And even if it doesn't I'll know whether or not I like to paint right?
Because I don't have to be perfect to be loved, I don't have to save the world for God to use me as long as I'm moving.

My friend can move and experience that and even if it doesn't work out and she comes back to Boise-even if it 'fails', at least she was moving, at least she was OPEN to a new experience and I can promise that she will grow from challenging herself to be in a new place.
And WHO knows how God can use a risk like that?? Maybe she'll meet someone or have a life-altering conversation over there she wouldn't have had here.

God is like that. He wants us to live risky lives for HIM.
Trusting HIM. And by listening to HIM.

So go try something new.
Take that risk.
Have that conversation.

Our lives aren't measured in how safe we were..... we won't recount how fiscally responsible we were when we're on our death bed. We'll remember our lives greatest we've loved and been loved.
Our lives are measured in our experiences and as long as we are moving and honestly seeking to glorify the Lord...He'll use them!
Good or seemingly bad.

I'm gonna go find that paintbrush....

Jenny G*

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  1. Doing things you love and have passion for are never a failure. Using talents that He gave you will always be successful, even if other people don't get it. (Other people don't even necessarily have to be aware of what you're doing.) It will draw you closer to Him and please Him that you are using your gifts. Do what you love, Jenny - you seem to make people happy when you do!