Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meet Bosley!

So Mr. Gill and I adopted a puppy a week ago today!
His name is Bosley and he's just about the cutest puppy we've ever seen.....and yes we're biased. 

He's a black lab mix....we think maybe with Pitbull? We probably will never really know.
He's cuddly and has soft fur and is a little bit of a princess even if he's a boy. 
He won't sit on the hard floor-he prefers rugs or blankets to sit upon.
It's interesting though because I'm not used to really having anything relying on me before....I mean in a...if you don't feed me I can't eat...type of way. 

Bosley is a little firecracker though. This is his photo right after he was caught making a mess in the kitchen. 
It's my fault though....I'll explain.
So, we were outside and he found a stick like 2x his size and didn't want to put it down. I naturally let him bring it inside..
I couldn't tell him no and then he tore the whole thing apart in my kitchen. 

My puppy is teaching me how to say no to something cute. 

This is why Mr. Gill wanted us to get a dog instead of a baby. 
I mean, what if I let a baby chew on a stick? 
Something could really go wrong....
Mr. Gill is pretty wise.

*Jenny G

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  1. Note to self: Don't let babies chew on it!