Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easy as Pie

Baking a pie.

Sounds easy right?



ok-here's the story. I was given a bunch of rhubarb recently and I though-GOODNESS! I'll make a couple of strawberry rhubarb pies, one for Mr. Gill (his favorite) and one for our neighbor....since we're still new to the neighborhood and have yet to bribe people to like us. 

But things got complicated for several reasons.

1. I froze the rhubarb.

apparently rhubarb doesn't really like to be frozen, as a stalk that is-it was kinda mushy and gross....which made it hard to cut through.......so-don't freeze rhubarb.
Maybe it would survive better if you pre-chopped then freeze? I dunno. 

2. I tried a new pie crust recipe that boasted making enough for several pies.....when attempting to give away a pie just DON'T try something new. 
The crust was um.....kinda not good.....i'm not going to even tell you what recipe I tried because-well-it was edible but we've all had not so great crust so why share sometime less than awesome right? 

3. I didn't have a pie plate!
I've lent it out and forgot about it until I'm all strawberry rhubarbed up and have (not-so-awesome) pie crust coming out of my ears.
So I being my inventive self used a cake pan from the dollar store that I don't actually bake cakes in because-well......bakeware from the dollar store just doesn't really cut it does it?

so I made only one, and Mr. Gill ate it. 
and our neighbors still think we're slightly shady since we haven't yet had a pie.

The inside of the pie was pretty awesome. I used this recipe from Deb over at Smitten Kitchen!
I'm sure if you have a pie plate AND use her recipe for crust or any other tried and tested crust recipe it would be a wonderful pie to share for the 4th of July! What is more American than Strawberry Rhubarb Pie? 


Apple Pie 

but those aren't quite in season yet-but berries are so head over to Deb's blog and try this recipe out.

*Jenny G

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