Friday, June 29, 2012


So we've been super busy this week, doing lots of fun things-one of which includes selling some purses!

I have been selling bags for my friends down in Cambodia! Katy and Alan moved there almost a year ago and have been working with Center for Global Impact. (check out their blog on life in Cambodia)
CGI has a program called byTavi that sells purses and scarves. They work with women who are at risk to work for a living wage.
These bags are totally legit and these amazing ladies get 100% of the proceeds.
You can get involved by either having a party, or purchasing a bag yourself. If you are interested totally get ahold of me and we can work something out.

I have been selling for a couple of months, but they also have a website!
Check out to purchase straight from the website or to learn more about what CGI is up to!

*Jenny G


  1. Your Mom sent me one for Mother's Day. It is awesome and helping the poor ladies in Cambodia is even more awesome!
    Thanks Jenny

  2. I think overstock has a global section where they sell handmade items from women in other countries.