Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting Crafty

When Mr. Gill and I moved into our new home last winter, we were not very discriminate on which room would be our bedroom.
In all honesty we just choose the room that 'seemed' to be the biggest.
So we set up our bedroom in the room that has a window that faces the entry-way of our neighbors house. There are some privacy shrubbery so they can't just peer into our windows during their comings and goings.....BUT they have a huge flood light.
A flood light they like to turn on as soon as it goes dark and it STAYS ON ALL NIGHT!
Because of this we now have the *UGLY* beige black out curtains in our room.
Very not my style but....I think I have found a solution to this issue.

No-Sew Roman Shades

This is a photo of my kitchen window (notice the pots hanging) not my bedroom.
I found this tutorial on pinterest, and knew I wanted to try it in my kitchen, mostly because I already had the tools.
This fabric is adorable and the bright cherries really work in this space.

How this works is you take a cheap-o plastic blind-ours came w/the house, remove all the slats (blinds?) from the ropes except for just a few.
The slats you keep on will be where the shade folds up when you pull the string.

Then you measure out your fabric to cover the blinds, glue your seams, glue the fabric to the slats...being careful to not glue the rope down so it can move freely.

The tutorial has step by step instructions.

I was able to complete this project for FREE! I already had the blinds, fabric and glue so all I needed was a little time and patience....

But... I'm not going to lie to you, friends.
This project is EASY but I was probably not as diligent with the measuring/cutting as I should have been....just because it's no-sew does not = lazy face.
So, next time I would be more careful how I glue down my seams to make sure they match exactly. This one has a little over hang you can see on the photo above.....and I'm not going to show you a picture of this but the bottom is not exactly even (:o) but, it works.

I am REALLY excited to try this idea in our light filled nightmare of a bedroom. I'm thinking I can use the ugly blackout curtains as the base for these roman shades w/a super cute fabric adhered on top?
I will try this as soon as the air conditioner unit finds a new home not in my window.....but that might take a while as Boise has been in a heat wave for the last couple of months.

I can't wait to make our bedroom reflect more of our style, and what a great way to do that w/out spending loads of cash.

So if you are looking for an easy and cheap way to update your windows here you go!

*Jenny G

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  1. Jenny, your shade looks fantastic! Thanks so much for the mention!