Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Krill

So we've been busy as bees around here!

I've been crafting again and I'll have something fun to show you that I copied off of Pinterest (aren't all the best things copied off Pinterest?) probably next week because-let's just be real people.
I don't post every third day.

Anywho, another fun thing we've been working hard on are the plans we have for our Labor Day Weekend!

PS-did you know Labor Day Weekend 2012 is in less than a month!

We are hosting a backyard concert!!

Oh yes we are!

Mr. Gill has formed a band called Michael Gill & The Krill and they are going to play in our backyard.

I know, it seems kind of silly but we are super excited about it for lots of reasons but I'll just list a couple here for you.
1. Mr. Gill has to practice his own songs, making him more comfortable with his stuff.
2. He's invited some of his friends (and family) to be in the band with him, making it exponentially MORE awesome.
3. Its a great reason to have a party and this girl likes parties! Especially parties that bring people together that won't often get together. Mr. Gill's parents are moving to Idaho in like a day and this is the perfect situation for them to get acquainted with our friends and neighbors.
4. Our good friends have also formed a band named Chase, The Fox and they will be opening up the show! How great is that?

This is the *poster* I made for the event. When I say poster really I mean a photo that I added text to....because I have a VERY limited understanding of Photoshop. 

What are YOUR plans for Labor Day Weekend?

*Jenny G

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  1. Homemade concerts are awesome!! Take it from me, they are an absolute blast!