Monday, January 10, 2011

Athletic Adventures In Idaho

So we've been in Boise almost two weeks now and we've been settling in really well!
We have a place to live-YAY!!-that's really nice and spacious (read: extra bedroom-> come visit).
Our community here has really made us feel welcome and has tried to help with all the weirdness of transition. They have had us over for dinner, taken me out to coffee so I don't spend 12 hours with out seeing a human, and really let us dive right into being church-which is wonderful.
Yesterday, the girls decided we needed an adventure.

This is a picture of Bogus Basin (at night). We went during the day to turn our collective awesomeness into learning how to board. One specific girl in the group actually KNOWS how to snowboard and so she become our fearless leader showing us how to put our boots on, locking them into the board, and then showing us how to stand up....which for almost the whole time I majorly FAILED....I couldn't even stand up! I had to like, roll over (which has to look hilarious when you have a board almost as tall as you are attached to your feet) and back it up like a dump truck to be on my feet.
Once I was on my feet dump truck style I was able to after an hour or so rocking the bunny hill actually move around with BOTH my feet attached to the board on a slight incline! It was fun and scary and really hard but totally worth and my slight incline were alright.
We were out there for almost 5 hours and all of us were able to make it down a 'real' hill and some girls were total heroes and went down the BIG hills where you had to ride a scary lift.
Guess which one of us knows what she's doing

As I reflect back on yesterday, here with my coffee and incredibly sore muscles mostly my biceps from bracing every time I went to wipeout....which was a lot -everyone had a great time and I'm sure we'll get out there again. Mr. Gill is sure he'll love it and now after being out (BEFORE him) I know he will and he'll be totally awesome at it and leave me behind on the one-step-up-from-bunny hills while he shreds the face off Bogus......because  he has a way of being great at almost everything he does. Not to mention he'll be learning from a dude who (in addition to being married to our wonderful teacher) may have gone pro-snowboarding if life had turned out just a little different. 
This is just the beginning of what I'm sure will be many adventures we'll have here in IDAHO!! 


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