Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Things

I have not disappeared-I'm sorry.
It has been a little busy around here lately.
AND Mr. Gill took my camera to work and LEFT it there for a couple of days. We did some fun things like-a beautiful hike that I didn't have my camera w/to take pictures...but it's true, we did it.
I have not been baking like a fool as I thought I would here w/my no job and limited transportation....but I have made some fun things. So, I'll give y'all a photo rundown of the stuff I've made.

I got a bag of flour from my parents for christmas (along w/other awesome things like a TEAL dutch oven) because they rock and know what makes me happy.
Yay Flour and my cute blue mixer
So I decided to make some whole wheat bread.
mixing it up

getting ready to rise

nice thick bread

YUM and those cute little espresso cups are from my awesome sister-in-law Heather! Adorable:)

For the superbowl I decided to make a football/Packers themed dessert and I started looking around on my blogs...and found this! I knew I didn't have the gumption to have a flaming I just made larger versions of the cute little footballs!
Cake footballs!

Soo good
And the Pack WON!! Not without Mr. Gill getting all upset at some missed throws. I though he was going to cry at one point.

Finally yesterday I made some cupcakes for church. Since it's almost Saint Valentines Day and I'm slightly obsessed w/cupcakes and their overall cuteness I made this recipe. My good friend Pdoi made them for me back in Indiana and they ROCKED so I thought I'd try them too!

Mmm Frosting

Red Jimmies! Who doesn't love sprinkles?
I did deviate from the recipe because I kind of ran out of sugar and oil :/ what kind of baker am I? And I just made buttercream frosting because I LOVE IT! There were a bunch of cakes left over so I am sending them with Mr. Gill to bribe his co-workers.

In other news I had an interview for a PRN Therapist position! It seems like a nice clinic, and it would be good to have something to do besides....bake :)

Mr. Gill and I on our first Valentine's Day in 2009

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Valentines Day! 


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  1. Whoah!!! Too bad we don't live close to each other. :/ I need you to teach me how to bake! I made cookies the other day from pre-made refrigerated dough. You make me want to step it up! haha!