Thursday, February 3, 2011


This past weekend Mr. Gill and I went to the Boise Library to get all signed up and start utilizing the beautiful thing that is the library. I wanted to get some books on photoshop to start honing my skill...
you know.....
figure out how to start using photoshop on my own.
Anyway the people of Boise are VERY excited about their libraries. 
It's TRUE! They are and I have evidence. 

Example 1
The sign on the downtown library

They use an exclamation point behind Library. Here is the definition of !

An exclamation markexclamation point, or bang (!) is a punctuation mark usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume, and often marks the end of a sentence. Example: “Watch out!" OR this mark sometimes used without accompanying words in writing direct discourse to indicate a speaker's dumbfounded astonishment: His wife just gave birth to quintuplets.” )
Example 2
My new Library Card

When you sign up at the library they let you choose from a variety of cards. I think the Boise Library wants to respect the individuals right to self express. 
Anyway I chose the goldfish card because of the blog :) 
Maybe he's yelling LIBRARY ! in his head....

Example 3

I got my fishy card and checked out a book about Nelson Mandela......
That I haven't opened yet. 
But on the way home I was so excited and overwhelmed by the awesomeness of all the free resources that the library has to offer that I wanted to yell LIBRARY!

But instead I took a picture of how I was feeling......

which was.....

dumbfounded and astonished. (!)


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  1. So True! Library! Why isnt the exclamation a universal requirement for all libraries!