Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Should I be scared?

So yesterday....
it was 60 beautiful sunny degrees here in my new place of residence; Boise Idaho.
I went for a jog, played in the park (with my friend's kid....I wasn't all creeper and there alone) and generally soaked up as much sun as I could because's February.
A full twenty four hours ago I felt the warmth of 60 degrees on my cheeks and NOW?


It started HAILING along with a healthy dose of thunder and lightning, as if randomly hailing was not intimidating enough, they had to pull out the light show too! The wind started to pick up and rattle my front door.
 Now, I'm sorry but I'm from Indiana and when weather turns that violently on a dime it means RUN FOR THE BASEMENT!!!!
BUT-we have no basement.....and we're surrounded by mountains. Do valleys often experience the fun of a tornado? What should I do?
My first instinct is to call Mr. Gill....but he's working AND his cubicle buddy would hear me be ridiculous and give him a hard time because of it.....yet I want to be consoled AND to warn him of the danger that is violent thunder & lightning hail storm massacre....or.....whatever it is.
Then I want to call my mom because you know.....that's what you do (well, what I do) when I'm scared and Mr. Gill is not available. She's in Indiana though, and I'm 2000 miles away....and, if I do get swept up into a funnel cloud, she'd hear it on the phone and what an awful way to say goodbye right?

So instead I took a picture so I could share with YOU dear reader my fear of this crazy Boise weather.
My backyard

Now it's just softly snowing.

OK. is February I guess.


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