Thursday, March 17, 2011

Faking It

Mr. Gill is going to play a show of his original songs at The District, a coffeehouse here in Boise that we've been hanging out at recently.
He's been talking with the guy in charge of booking the acts for the coffee shop and he asked Mr. Gill if he had any promotional photos.

We can do that.
So...during practice one day I got to play Promotional Photo Photographer.

Which, I think Mr. Gill found a little annoying because I was a little bit in his face for over an hour.....but I had fun.

The Contemplative Singer Songwriter

I took some interesting shots-but praise the LORD for The Pioneer Woman and her downloadable PS action sets.

Vintage-loving Acoustic Guitar Man

My Husband the Rock Star

They make me look like I know how to use PS.
The lovable (yet talented) Mr. Gill

Which really is amazing because I pretty much only know how to open the program. Someday I'll learn how to be um.....effective at to do something, or anything really.
But for now-the Pioneer Woman not only teaches me how to make tasty butter-laden masterpieces in the kitchen, she allows me to produce Promotional Photos.

Thanks Pioneer Woman.


Jenny G. (& Mr. Gill)

ps-the link takes you to PW's page for PS downloads and I HIGHLY encourage you to check out PW Cooks also-I love it, although my ever getting larger thighs do not. Plus, she's pretty much hilarious so-GO GO GO Check it out. Here's the link to her site again, incase you are too lazy to scroll up to the top of the I am.

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