Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have a new obsession.

Poached Eggs.

A little weird I know, but let me tell you a story.

I was never into eggs much growing up. My dad LOVES eggs and would whip up a batch of scrambled eggs w/tobasco sauce and onions and peppers. And, they were good.....but I usually could take it or leave it.

A couple of weeks ago my new friend Lindsey introduced me to the wonderful world of poached eggs! (Disclaimer: My mother has poached eggs for us every Christmas w/out Eggs Benedict Christmas Breakfast Tradition....but I don't know if I'd experienced Poached w/out Cheez Wiz)

Lindsey did not intentionally introduce me to these amazing eggs, she just happened to be eating one over a salad when I came over one day.

And it looked AMAZING. So the next time I made lunch for myself I gave it a try.

I used Deb's tutorial and successfully made myself a spinach avocado poached egg topped salad and it was WONDERFUL! And now, I have it almost every time I cook for myself. I've had several different combinations....I think currently my favorite is mixed baby greens, two little red potatoes, scallions and poached egg w/a little evoo and vinegar and salt and pepper! The golden deliciousness that is the yolk drips into the salt and peppery potatoes with a little bit of bite from the vinegar and creamy nuttiness of the evoo....YUM!!
It totally rocks!
Mr. Gill is not supposed to have eggs often.....silly cholesterol, but I did make him a salad for dinner one evening when I needed food asap. He LOVED it (and will only have it as a treat) and it all came together in 10 minutes!

Thank you Miss Chicken for changing my eating habits! :)

Jenny G

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