Thursday, June 23, 2011


A Cuban Americano.

If I were to be a drink....that is what I'd be and here's why.
An americano is a bold and rich drink (espresso and water) and I feel like I am passionate about what I care about, I'm usually straightforward and I don't have anything to hide.
I desire to see people operating at full capacity and like a highly caffinated americano I want to give people what they need. I often just call things as I see them....sometimes to the point of hurting feelings (sorry).
But wait, I'm not done.
It's CUBAN americano because it's slightly spicy and sweet (cubans are espresso shots pulled w/cinnamon and raw sugar *try one if you've never had it they're awesome*) and I can be really silly and/or emotional.

Dirty Chai Tea Latte

Mr. Gill I feel is a Dirty Chai. A dirty chai is chai w/a shot of espresso in it.
Chai is made from a 'usually secret' combination of a lot of spices and sugar and Mr. Gill has, in his 23 years, had a lot of experiences (yes-even being home schooled ;) with a lot of different people and situations and he has done a lot of research into many areas that intrigue him.
He has taken all of the good, all of the learned, and all of the wisdom born out of conversations and maybe even pain and made it a beautiful mix that he brings to the table (or mug).
The *dirty* part because there is a boldness in Mr. Gill, perhaps even an unexpected edge. He's a teacher, an artist and an intellectual. He values the beauty of life and the wisdom that's waiting to be unearthed and the words that can inspire.

Ann Gill
Thank you for responding to the last post! I think that your coffee w/Hazelnut creamer does speak to your personality. You are a mild, kind hearted soul. You seek the best for people, you do all you can to make them feel welcome and loved. You are as sweet and comforting as your morning coffee :)

I know you love your strong black coffee but I think I'm going to take on the Iced Black Tea Lemonade. You are a bold personality. You know what you want out of life and you are making it happen. That's the black tea part.
You are not willing to sacrifice what you believe to be true to make others happy. You are enjoyable to be around and your perspectives are usually very refreshing and you are always true, in what you do...what you say. That's the slightly sweet/tart lemonade :)

That's it!
Girls let me know if you agree :)

*Jenny G


  1. Good job Jenny! Especially where Michael is concerned. ;)
    I like your description as well, although I think you could also be described as a peppermint mocha. No matter if it's hot or cold, it's always surprisingly refreshing. Just puts a smile on your face.
    I guess for myself I would want to be a good cup of Peruvian Chocolate. Super dark Chocolate with a hit of chili pepper, and just a little sweet. Just 'cause life should NEVER be boring. It's always full of flavor, even if it's a little bitter, God seems to always add just enough sugar. From people like you!!!!! Love ya mucho mega, Heather

  2. I missed out on all the fun, but I still wanna get in on this! I think I'd have to be a nice big glass of ice cold sweet tea. Mixed just right so it's not too sweet or too bitter, and with a hint of southern lifestyle! hahaha