Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reasons To Smile

The beginning of September has been a busy one for Mr. Gill and I.
We've started to take on some new responsibilities with the church and are branching out into some new ideas as well.....but I just want to share a few photos of things that make me smile here in Boise.

These are cowboy boots (they may or may not be plastic) that I picked up at the Free Store. Maybe it's being in the West that makes cowboy boots that much more appealing but-when I saw these beauties @ the Free Store when my sister in law Steph and I stopped in...I just couldn't leave them there.
The Free Store is a shed here in our neighborhood that people bring stuff that they would normally take to Goodwill and people can shop. You don't have to bring something to take something...and there are people that volunteer to keep it organized.
Reason #72 why I love where we live.

This picture is not so much about the gelato (although is was the BEST RASPBERRY Store bought gelato ever thank you very much) it's about the ADORABLE ramekins.
I got them at Winco....which is pretty much like the West's answer to Aldi's.
I love them and I bought 6, two of each color....yellow, orange and red. I can just think of a hundred things to do with them, and maybe 3 don't involve baking :)

This photo is all about the food. It's my new favorite snack. Regular plain greek yogurt (Thank you Laura for introducing Mr. Gill and I to the wonders of Greek Yogurt) w/a drizzle of honey.
So good and creamy and tart and sweet all at the same time.
And one spoonful = portion control......right;)

And Last but not least....

Mr. "I'll sleep when I'm Dead" Gill!

That quote is what he says to me all the time when I mention being tired or wanting a nap. I just couldn't pass up a chance to catch him in the rare act of snoozing during the day time....hehehe.
He did though, bring home those flowers for no reason at all. And I actually love that he can take a nap.....because then I can either lie down and take one too OR get some serious stuff done around the house!
Hope you had a great weekend friends!

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  1. love the cowgirl boots! the little ramkins are adorable, and it's good to see Mr. Gill getting some much needed rest! The flowers are pretty, very sweet of Michael to bring them home to you:)