Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miss You

So about 2 months ago I went to Jackson Hole Wyoming to meet up with my Aunt Amy and my Grandma Lentes! I would have told you about it earlier....but I wanted to spend some time working on practicing my photoshop editing skills.
But then I didn't practice at all, but I did edit them a little bit.

Anyway, it was super great to spend a weekend with them. It is absolutely beautiful in Jackson Hole. Even just the drive from Boise was gorgeous, I felt like I was traveling through all these small mountain villages nested into the valleys that were just sleepy and peaceful.
The town is a ski resort for sure but it's set against the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone is just a short drive.
We took some driving tours of lakes and rode the Gondola up to 10,500 ft!
AMAZING! I can see why people move west....not just to run from the law (although I'm sure that happens).
It was such a gift from God to be able to have the time and money to take that trip.
Mr. Gill and I moved to Idaho from Indiana the day after christmas. We haven't been back in the midwest since then and I haven't seen anyone in my family in 10 long months.
We are blessed to have 2 of Mr. Gill's sisters here in the treasure valley with us, and his mom and one other sister were able to visit in May-which was awesome but a girl misses her Mom you know what I mean? I talk to my mom every couple of days-and sometimes even my dad will yell hello on the other end of the phone but-its not the same. I miss the smell of their house, the sounds my siblings laughing all together....the way that my mom likes to twirl my hair when she's sitting next to me....I like it when anyone does that btw. And this is weird but ALL my siblings will agree that stealing a sip of coke from my dad's glass tastes better than if we have our own (I think it's the sweetness of the forbidden fruit....since dad did not like us drinking his pop).
All this to say that having a chance to be with my family for a weekend was wonderful. I stayed w/my Aunt Amy for a summer after high school (convinced me to go to school for therapy) and w/my Grandparents right after college when I started my first job in I feel like I am pretty close with those two wonderful ladies. I mean, once you live w/them they know how messy you are in real life and love you anyway-so that's close. I was just myself and enjoyed hanging with them knowing that I was already known and loved by them....that's a gift that family *biological or not* can give you.

Moving to Boise has been a beautiful thing for Mr. Gill and I. Not only an act of obedience to being called here to start the church but also we've learned a lot about who we are as individuals and as a married couple. It has not always been easy......but often beautiful things do not come from the easy route or a 10% effort.

Things that show beauty are things that had to push their way up through the dirt, that were pushed in pain and strenuous effort into life and often things that require a lot of sacrifice to continue to grow. Worth the effort?
Yes! A million times yes-the beauty God give us is always worth the effort...but-hello, it's effort.
And I miss my momma! and sisters and baby bro.
And my dad with his sweet cigar smell and golf stories....and all our friends....and seeing where Mr. Gill and I had our first date/dance/run/picnic....all of those beautiful things. :)

I miss Indiana.

But we are headed back to visit in just a couple of weeks! So....I'll be good to go for another 10 months ;)

Its kind of surprising the things you miss when you are gone for a while? What are the things you notice yourself missing when you aren't with your family? Or in the place you grew up?

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  1. I love you! AND I miss you! Get a hold of me when you're in town, because we are long overdue for some P and J time! :) Awesome job editing the pictures BTW.

    <3 <3 <3